It is hard to believe we’re almost at year’s end! As we round out the year, striving to find balance between holiday celebrations and healthy living, I’ve been reflecting on my own balancing act over the past year, which has been particularly challenging. At the beginning of this year I made a choice to focus on building my clinical practice and while I knew it was a big commitment, in hindsight I underestimated the time, energy and personal sacrifice that decision would bring. Don’t get me wrong, it has been an amazing year—I’ve had some amazing clients, some fantastic results and I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would after four years of university. I feel very fortunate. But the funny thing about working in the health industry is…well, it’s not always conducive to one’s health!

This year has been filled with extensive travel, long hours in commuter traffic, late night research and a marked decline in exercise and fitness along with my first hefty cold in three years. The very balance I work with my clients to achieve has been completely thwarted in my own life. I just kept telling myself “this is how it has to be this year—next year will be different”  but in all honesty, I felt pulled in a million different directions and I was either operating in deficit or surplus. Deficit left me feeling I needed more, more, more and surplus left me feeling overwhelmed. Both left me exhausted and making less than healthy choices on many occasions.

As we head in to the holidays, are you operating in deficit or surplus? Has the past year found you making unhealthy choices in your life? The first thing to do: TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Find your centre. Your personal place of balance. Be conscious of your choices and how they’re likely to make you feel. Remind yourself what is truly important in your life and what brings you joy.

For me, time off over the holidays will be spent reconnecting with myself and my environment…reclaiming my health, my fitness and spending quality time with those I cherish. It will also be a great time to develop a plan for my upcoming year of balance! Tell us how you plan to find or keep balance in the coming year.