In 2014 I kicked off my first official FebFast effort and blogged about here and why it’s a such a great thing to do. While I haven’t officially enrolled this year, I’m still undertaking the effort and while the broad reasons remain the same, this time it’s more about my own personal wellness and going beyond the 28-day effort.

A few weeks ago I read Peter FitzSimons’s article “My Year of Living Healthily”–a great account of how much his life has improved by giving up sugar and alcohol in the previous year. He was initially driven by the desire to lose weight and cut out sugar and then later decided to hand in his pass to grog after dinner with a friend. It was only on giving it up that he realised what a profound effect it was having on areas other than his waistline. The thing that stood out for me the most in the article was Peter now felt he was bringing his A-Game to everything (something his friend mentioned at dinner that night).

While added sugar isn’t an issue for me, I do enjoy my Yarra Valley vinos (in moderation of course) and while I go through periods of abstinence, over the last year, I’ve noticed that even a glass nightly on my “drink days” affects my sleep, my mental clarity and my mood. In short, I’m not bringing my A-game to everything I do. So with cultivating wellness in mind (remembering it’s an active process of awareness and choice), it’s time to reset my body, step out of the fog and get my game on!

If you feel you need a little reset, it’s not too late to join FebFast and give your body a rest from things that might hinder your A-game for the month of February–alcohol, coffee, junk food, sugar. The choice is yours. Cultivate wellness.

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