The early part of this week in Melbourne could have been mistaken for summer with some amazing weather, and while this weekend is set to remind us that it’s not, I felt Monday was the perfect day to pretend! Summer’s a time for outdoor activities, great adventures and BBQs. Lunch was in honour of the humble burger…but a healthy deconstruction of the old favourite. It’s full of crisp, clean flavour, high in protein, folate, vitamin C and essential fatty acids. Using a grill pan on the stove top minimises oil, with the remainder easily blotted with paper towels. Garlic added to the avocado along with lemon juice is a great substitute for that not so healthy mayo. Deconstructed Wagyu beef burger with garlic guacamole, tomatoes and greens. The inclusion of bitter greens (see the previous post) is a great way to enhance digestion of all the nutrients.

No additives, no preservatives, no junk, no guilt. It may just become your new favourite at your next summer do!