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Black Friday kicks off the festive season–socialising, shopping, dining with friends–but doesn’t mean your health efforts have to go out the window! That’s why Nourish is doing Black Friday differently…we’re not selling, we’re gifting.
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Why are we gifting?

Because at Nourish Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, YOUR HEALTH is our passion. With our free guide, you can ditch the stress and worry of “derailing” your health over the holidays, gain confidence in making healthy choices when dining out and focus on what’s most important this holiday season…JOY. We’ve even included some bonus recipes for dining in!

And in case we haven’t met…


I’m Heather Smith, Clinical Nutritionist and founder of Nourish Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching. I help women in midlife reverse the bodily changes of menopause that result in creeping cholesterol, weight gain and blood pressure so they can regain their health, feel in control of their body and feel fabulous instead of fearful in menopause.

This guide is part of my toolkit when I work with women who want to live their very best life during menopausal transition and beyond.

I hope you enjoy this guide AND the festive season ahead!

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